Sep 30 2009


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Talk Less. Do More.
Sales, Marketing and Social Media Workshop

Infomedia introduces Series 200, a powerful sales and marketing series that delivers step-by-step Tools, Strategies and Tactics you can put to work immediately to build business.

Space is limited to 30 seats for this event
October 15th
11:00 A.M.- 2:00 P.M.  at Infomedia

This in-depth 3 hour program will teach you how to:

  • Bypass the GateKeeper using Social Media
  • Build Industry Reputation with Blogging
  • Identify Solid Leads with Twitter
  • Quit Networking with other Sales People
  • Use your Website to connect your Sales and Social Media Strategy

Find out how the digital age is radically transforming the sales landscape. Explore specific strategies for generating leads using both SOCIAL MEDIA and the WEB.

This workshop is for Sales, Marketing and Brand Management Professionals who are charged with putting new digital tools to work to increase sales and market share.

  • Are you tired of hearing the same old things about Twitter and Social Media (even from us!!!)?
  • Are you tired of everyone giving a 50,000 foot view of social media without really providing any information that you can use?
  • Are you tired of people who talk about social media more than they actually use it?

We are too. We have enjoyed providing a high level overview in our Social Media 101 seminars, but now it’s time to take the  next step: turning information into strategies that produce sales leads.

Join us at Infomedia Thursday, October 15th from 11:00 A.M- 2:00. P.M.  This event is designed for for Sales and Marketing leaders that want detailed, specific ideas for how to GENERATE LEADS with social media and their web site.

The cost for this event is $100 for 2 people.
The approach is to bring your sales and marketing leaders together to explore news ways to collaborate to build the bottom line using digital media.  Individual spots are $50.

You may be wondering why we suggest bringing someone from sales AND marketing. Sales and marketing departments frequently aren’t on the same page. Over the next few months we are going to explore strategies that will promote your company’s success by helping marketing and sales sing from the same hymnal. You don’t want to miss this important event.

We are limiting the number of workshop participants  to allow time to focus on your specific goals and strategies for success. Lunch from Zoe’s Kitchen will be provided.

If you have any questions, please contact Jamie Parris at 205-271-8443 or at

Infomedia is located  in Homewood, AL at 201 Summit Parkway, Homewood, AL, 35209 in the Teklinks Building.  Register here today!

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